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Across the country, millions of senior citizens struggle to live on their own, independent of help from others. Numerous health issues often prevent them from being able to complete important and necessary tasks related to health and safety. Family members often worry about their aging relatives and try to help when possible. However, due to their own responsibilities, they can’t always be with their aging loved one when needed.

When family caregivers see the signs that their elderly relative is struggling as they age at home, they should investigate hiring an elder care provider. Professional, compassionate and reliable, elder care providers can lend a hand to seniors who are seeing daily life as increasingly challenging.

Personal Care

Physical limitations often leave elderly adults unable to complete their morning routines on their own. From slipping in the shower to managing button holes on a shirt, some of the most basic tasks are out of reach due to health issues and chronic conditions. The elder care provider is trained to help seniors with a range of tasks relating to personal care.

Getting Around the Home and the Community

Reduced mobility often makes getting around the house a real challenge. This is especially true for seniors who struggle with things like the after-effects of a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or age-related muscle weakness. Sometimes, seniors need help getting in and out of bed or up and down from a chair. Elder care providers can walk with seniors and get them settled in, always on hand in case they need anything. These professionals can also drive elderly adults to appointments around town, such as to pick up prescriptions.

Preparing Meals and Snacks

Many elderly adults no longer have the stamina or ability to prepare healthy meals and snacks. Malnutrition and dehydration are quite common in elderly people who can’t execute meal plans as they once did. Elder care providers can shop for groceries, prepare meals and snacks, and even eat with the aging adult to make those potentially lonely times more of a social event.

Medication Management

Surveys show that most elderly adults take at least two prescription medicines per day, if not more. Used to control numerous symptoms, prescription medication should be taken at the right time at the proper dose. However, elderly adults don’t always remember to do so, or may take their meds improperly. Elder care providers, while unable to administer medication, can remind seniors what to take and when.


The best part about elder care providers and in-home assistants is that they can be with the elderly person when they would otherwise be alone. Loneliness, isolation and depression in seniors have been linked to increased health problems, mental health decline and a reduced quality of life. Building a relationship with a compassionate elder care provider is a proven benefit for aging adults. 

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