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Experts agree that with a doctor’s approval, elderly adults can benefit from regular exercise. However, many aging adults don’t like to do it. However, to improve their health, strength, and balance, it’s important that seniors do something to get their bodies moving. Many seniors are finding that elderly dance classes are a wonderful way to get some exercise in, and they can socialize and have fun in the process. Family caregivers with elderly adults should investigate the benefits of dance classes for their aging loved ones. 

What are Senior Dance Classes? 

With senior-friendly dance classes, it’s easy for aging adults to have a good time. Lively music, lots of peers and interesting instructions usually comprise senior dance classes. They are usually held at community fitness centers, senior centers and at some dance studios. Often there are many different classes that cover a range of genres, from country line dancing and salsa to Zumba, ballroom dance and jazz. The trained instructors modify traditional dance moves into age-appropriate routines and then help seniors learn.  

Are There Benefits to Senior Dance Classes? 

Senior dance classes offer a range of benefits for elderly adults, both physically and mentally. Studies show that seniors who get mild to moderate exercise at least three days per week are more likely to resist illness, boost muscle strength and increase energy levels. Exercise also aids in digestion, circulation and sleep habits. Over time, dance classes help seniors increase their flexibility and balance, lowering the risk of slip and fall accidents. 

Positive mental health is another benefit of senior dance classes. Elderly adults have a high risk of developing depression or anxiety, but exercise can help keep that at bay. Another benefit of senior dance classes is the social aspect. Instead of feeling isolated and lonely, aging adults can meet new people, work with various dance partners and boost their own self-esteem as the accomplish their dance goals.  

Helping Seniors Incorporate Dance Classes into Their Lives 

It can be a real challenge for family caregivers and elderly care assistants to get the elderly adults to and from the dance classes. However, as long as they can provide transportation and escort the aging adult to the classroom on time, family caregivers and elderly care providers are doing their part to encourage exercise and socialization. Participating in dance classes must be a priority for family caregivers and elderly care providers because the senior cannot attend without their support and help. 

Motivating aging adults to exercise is never easy, as many grow bored with traditional exercises like walking or riding a stationary bike. Dance classes offer something different from normal senior exercise and motivates them to come back again and again. Regardless of ability and limitations, there are plenty of opportunities for aging adults to participate in dance classes that are age-appropriate and a lot of fun.

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