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If your aging loved one were to experience a slip and fall accident, they could easily become injured. Elderly adults have a higher risk of head injuries, broken bones and concussions from slip and fall accidents than younger age groups. They also take longer to recover from injuries because their bodies heal more slowly. In many cases, when aging adults start to become unsteady on their feet, their family caregivers don’t do anything about it. You can do a lot to help your elderly loved one avoid a slip and fall by hiring an elderly care provider. 

1. Address the Topic with Seniors 

Your elderly loved one may have a little too much confidence in their ability to stay on their feet and remain steady during a shower or in the kitchen. Elderly may adults may also be too nervous to mention how anxious they feel about falling and will be relieved to share their thoughts with you. Either way, you both need to talk about the upcoming changes to reduce the risks of slip and fall accidents.

2. Hire an Elderly Care Provider 

Seniors are most likely to fall when they are alone and trying to do something on their own that is beyond their ability. When you hire an elderly care provider, you are giving them in-home assistance when they need it most. Professional home care providers have plenty of training on how to help seniors in potentially hazardous situations and spot problems long before they happen. 

3. Modify Bathrooms 

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for seniors, but you can do a lot to ensure it is as safe as possible. Prevent slip and fall accidents by installing grab bars in the shower and by the toilet. Buy non-slip bath mats to keep them steady on their feet and consider a shower chair or tub chair for when they are at their most vulnerable. 

4. Boost Lighting and Good Vision   

One thing that many family caregivers overlook when it comes to slip and fall accidents is lighting in the home. The higher the contrast, the better seniors can see where they are going. You should replace burned-out light bulbs as quickly as possible and make sure tough areas like stairwells and hallways are well-lit. Seniors should have their vision checked frequently and always have the most current prescription of glasses.  

5. Eliminate Clutter 

You’ll need to eliminate anything that might cause your aging loved one to trip. You and the elderly care provider can rearrange furniture to create logical walkways through the house. Eliminate anything on the floor that might cause tripping trouble like magazines and newspapers, clothes, throw rugs and pet toys. It’s quite easy for your aging loved one to slip and fall on clutter, so you need to make a real effort to reduce the risks.  

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