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Caregiving can throw you some curve balls from time to time. Stress can seem to escalate out of nowhere until you're at your limit. So is there something that you can do as a caregiver that helps you to destress right there in the situation? Try one of these ideas. 

Chant a Calming Mantra 

Find a word or a phrase that you associate with peace and calm. It might even be the phrase "peace and calm." When you see or say those words, make sure that you slow your breathing and think immediately about somewhere that is calm and peaceful. Then, when you're stressed, repeat that phrase or the word to yourself. The work you've done to associate that mantra with peace and calm should help you to get there quickly. 

Keep a Picture with You 

Keep a picture with you of someone or something that you love and that brings you immense joy. You can make it into a keychain or put it into a locket that you wear all the time. When something is testing you, take out that picture and gaze at it for a few seconds.  

Change Your Focus 

As soon as you realize that you're feeling stressed, literally change your focus. Look at something that is farther away from you or closer to you. Focus on it intently and think to yourself about three positive things that object or item represents for you. There's a few different shifts that you're making all at once with this technique, which can help you to lose your connection with whatever it was that was getting your goat. 

Hum a Song 

Find a song that is easy for you to hum. It might be your favorite song or a children's song that's easy to remember. When you're starting to feel the effects of stress, hum the song under your breath. This can help you to hear something that you enjoy or that brings back happy memories for you, which can stop the stress reflex. 

Take a Series of Increasingly Deeper Breaths 

Your breathing can also have a big impact on how stressed you're feeling. When you're really feeling the effects of stress, you're likely breathing short, shallow breaths. As soon as you notice your breathing, take one breath that's slightly deeper and longer. The next needs to be just a little deeper and longer, too. Do this until you finally take one deep breath. Hold it for a second and then slowly release it. You should be feeling calmer. 

Stress is something that you're going to deal with often as a caregiver. You probably can't get rid of it completely for good, but you can learn techniques that work well for you. The better you get at deploying your toolkit, the easier it will be to lower your stress levels quickly.

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