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When your aging mom or dad is diagnosed with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it can feel overwhelming and frightening. It means that you both need to take a good look at the living situation and make some decisions about your aging parent’s daily care. COPD can have a significant effect on an aging adult’s ability to live independently, often requiring in-home care provider services and extra attention from a family caregiver.  

The good news is that with a strong support plan in place, seniors can age in their own home with COPD. For many families, the best way to allow their elderly parent with COPD to still live at home but not sacrifice quality care s to hire a home care provider.  

COPD Changes Senior Living 

If COPD is not properly managed, it can mean that seniors will struggle with even the smallest tasks of self-care and home management. COPD can affect strength and stamina, which can create challenges for elderly adults who must do housework, meal preparation or other daily tasks on their own. When combined with other age-related health issues like diabetes, arthritis or poor hearing and vision, COPD can really interfere with mobility and independence. 

When elderly adults have certain risk factors, the condition can worsen as well. Common risk factors include a family history of lung disease, smoking and a lifetime of exposure to chemicals or fumes. Symptoms for COPD include wheezing, coughing, fatigue, respiratory infections, and tightness in the chest. The doctor will outline a treatment plan for the aging adult with COPD and can advise on arranging for in-home help for the aging adult. Between a family caregiver and a home care provider, seniors can get all the help they need. 

In-home Care Providers Help Seniors with COPD 

Living with COPD and going through the treatment can take a lot of time and energy from your aging parent. It’s very important that they take the medication prescribed properly, and a home care provider can remind them when to do so. The home care provider can also accompany the aging adult to appointments with the doctor and with a respiratory therapist for their breathing treatments.  

Another way that home care providers can assist your elderly parent with COPD is to encourage them to be active and get a little regular exercise in, While it’s hard for many seniors to get up and going on their own, a home care provider gives that extra incentive to participate in some regular daily activity. When your aging parent is having a bad day, the home care provider will take care of the housework, meals, laundry and more. It will give you great peace of mind to know that a professional is looking out for your elderly mom or dad as they struggle with COPD.  

A diagnosis of COPD doesn't have to slow your aging mom or dad down, especially when they follow the treatment as recommended by their doctor. With a home care provider at their side, they can enjoy a fine life as they age in place at home. 

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