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When you’re spending time away from your senior at a full-time job, it’s difficult to be the caregiver that you want to be. Working from home could give you the opportunity to be there with your senior in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do when you’re working outside the home. This could be a solution for you both. 

Talk to Your Employer about Possible Options 

The first step is to talk to your current employer. You can find plenty of jobs that allow you to work from home, but your existing employer might be far more flexible than you thought at first. Once you know what your options are, you can look at how those options fit into your life and how they can help you to meet your senior’s needs. 

Working from Home Can Give You Flexibility 

The main reason for you to give working from home a chance is that it offers you much more flexibility. When you’re right there with your aging family member, you can take care of much more for her. You may have to set aside specific times that are just earmarked for work, though.  

You Might Need to Juggle a Bit 

Even with all the flexibility, you might find that there’s more juggling than you expect once you start working from home. You may want to consider getting some extra help, especially from elderly care providers. They can help you to manage all of the various tasks that still need to be done, no matter where you’re working from at any given time. 

It’s Even More Important for You to Focus on Self-care 

Working from home means that you need to focus even more on self-care. Caregivers already tend to neglect this, so it’s crucial that you make the time to take better care of yourself. Elderly care providers can help you with this, too. They can help you to make sure that you’re taking time away from both work and from caregiving so that you can recharge and be ready to dive back in. 

For lots of caregivers, working from home helps them to continue to make a living while also caring for their senior family member. You may have a lot more options with this than you realize, especially if you’re already working for a company that encourages telecommuting. It’s at least worth looking into to determine if it’s something that could be possible. 

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