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There’s only so much television that seniors want to watch before they grow irritable, restless and isolated. Even having a home care provider come to assist your elderly relative every day doesn’t mean they won’t get bored from time to time. If you want to ensure your aging loved one stays active and engaged, make plans for indoor age-appropriate activities that meet their needs. With some careful planning and help from their home care provider, your aging loved one can choose from a number of activities that boost their quality of life.

Here are a few ideas for activities for your aging relative that they can do either alone or with help from their home care provider.

Purge Unwanted Items and Donate to Charity

Almost everyone has closets or drawers full of items they no longer need or want. Clearing out clutter is always a good idea and donating usable items to charity is a great service. Cleaning out the kitchen cupboards or pantry is a task often overlooked, and people usually agree that such a task is long overdue. Even organizing storage spaces such as these is a positive way to spend long days and will leave your relative feeling like their home is neat and tidy. Sometimes if an elderly

Explore a New Hobby

It sounds cliché but there are so many fun hobbies out there. Seniors can go beyond knitting or building models to some interesting and rewarding hobbies. Examples include birdwatching, making jewelry, writing poetry, photography, yoga, terrariums and origami. Sometimes, aging adults want to pick up a long-lost hobby again, such as playing the piano or journaling. Whether alone, with you or with their home care provider, your elderly relative is likely to enjoy some exposure to new pastimes.

Work Out for Better Health

It’s never too late for aging adults to focus on boosting their health. No matter what your relative’s condition, they can benefit from regular activity and exercise (once approved by their doctor). From tai chi and yoga to water aerobics, there are many fitness programs geared toward seniors. Even those with limited mobility can be more active using light weights and doing stretches, seated pedals, and chair aerobics. Part of getting fit is a healthy diet, and your elderly loved one can work with you or their home care provider to plan menus that boost nutrition and eliminate unhealthy options.

When elderly adults become too bored and not challenged they run the risk of loneliness, poor health, depression and even early mental decline. Family caregivers can play a big role in helping their aging loved ones fill their days with stimulating and fulfilling activities.

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